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Do to health issues I’m going to stop writing my legacy, I will still play them though.
And who knows, if a miracle happens and writing + uploading pictures no longer stresses me, I might start writing again, because I truly do love doing it and sharing my game, I just can’t do it this way at this time in my life. If I do take it up again, I likely just continue from where ever I got to in the game doing my play only time, so I will not stop to take pictures any more.
Please forgive me for not keeping up with writing.


Oh Joy…

Moving on!

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Yes 1 more chapther in a short time... something gave me energy.

In what direction?Collapse )

So much happening…

The D.N.A. Request Team

A super creative and very sweet team, that makes houses and sims for the community.
They are very well organized, and the whole thing runs smoothly.

Link to the master thread: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/496886.page
Were you find a link to the current monthly thread, as they make a new thread every month.

From their thread:
What does D.N.A. stand for? Designing Nature and Architecture Just for You! Our team is dedicated to bringing you outstanding service every step of the way.

Our Services
• Homes (including shells)
• Community lots
• Town Planning (redesigning rabbithole lots)
• Sims
• Pets
• Households
• Interior decoration
• Landscaping

Visit them and be amazed.
I haven’t written since November! Well been busy fighting to get help… still fighting, but feel slightly better today, lots of ups and downs. Sorry about that. I have hardly played in that time, but some big thing have happened, let’s see if I can get you all up to date.

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In the last chapter Josefine grow up to a YA, and Hanna tried to drown her sorrow over her unluck in the romantic department.

the last and first dayCollapse )